Design in Details

We undertook an extensive renovation to restore the house to its former glory. It was time to honor this ageing gem by updating it. It was planned essentially to create a backdrop of nature outside. The living and kitchen opens up the floor plan to create right filled spaces that fell informal and functional. It offers versatility as the layout was skillfully segmented into functional zones and in elegant way to hide the bathroom door and making it more spacious without affecting the space of living room and kitchen. This new home was designed to take advantage of partly sea view so Large expanses of windows bring the outside in and create a home filled with natural light throughout.

The feature element within the primary space of the home, the living room, is a bespoke Brass stripes that envelopes and highlights a geometric protrusion that juts into the space with  solitary gray textured wall. The master bedroom, while primarily differentiates itself with vertical veneer stripes, with in fills in textured wallpaper. The focal point of the master bedroom is a orange leather paneling that forms the backboard to the bed, while the curtains has accents of blue, introducing an element of youth. The second bedroom was designed to tie the beam and column of the wall, with wood to create a flawless pattern for the bed back wall. The wardrobe in back painted glass visually enlarges the room. 

The overall use of materials in the space compliments the warm palette of the existing light wood flooring, which served as a base reference for selection A contemporary colour palette of blues, creams and wood accents reflect the surrounding architecture and backdrop of the iconic Arabian sea. A more subtle calming colour palette was created for the bedroom. A contemporary streamlined kitchen offers contrast to the opulence elsewhere with bespoke cabinets in a palette of mint green, soft pink and sleek granite worktops and splash-backs in Tropicana leaf tile.  With a Contemporary approach, the space has come together with the juxtaposition of modern lines with soft silhouettes to bring a stylish complexity and luxe balance to the rooms. The result yields the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication