Design in Details

This apartment is designed where the core of the project is the living room and various activities and spaces extrude out of the central space to different rooms. The client wanted to turn two separate living rooms into one for their grandchild to have enough space to play and run. The clients brief was that it has to be strikingly different but still acceptable by various audiences that will see it. Residential living requires interaction and communication from various individuals working and living in it.We had the liberty to have a little fun with this place as this isn’t meant to be a serious apartment, so we wanted it to be bit of an experiment, brushed with different colours and texture. The flooring used in the living room and kitchen is grey Italian marble.

Materials have been used for their texture and finish, with solid wood strip feature to grooves on wall to camouflage the door beside wall.Characterized by a system of decorative wood and brass finish cabinet and bold colour palate, the crockery cabinet is designed to occupy maximum space for storage. The aspect of connectivity at the dining area –the extruded form of cabinet act as a buffet counter to the people sitting in the dining space. The dining light is sourced from The White Teak The brass finish shutter is decorative as well as structural and part of it act as ventilation for the shoe storage. 

The aim was to keep if functional and contemporary cool. Wrapped in the warmth of extensive wood paneling and pop colour av unit, this minimalist design is crafted with functionality. The key focus is amalgamation of different material and finish in one frame. The heart of home, the kitchen must appeal to taste of many. To enhance the cooking experience – in keeping with the functionality and best use of space to avoid any clumsiness on the counter terms of styling, it stands out for its contrast: to distinguish the operating area, appliances are placed inside the rolling shutter. The client’s main concern is durability and easy to clean surface which we have achieved by using traditional granite top, wall dodo & laminate which lends to stark modern look.